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A $150.00 Non-refundable deposit is required to book any service.  This deposit will be applied to the service total. 


Should you cancel your appointment completely, the non refundable deposit/retainer fee will be lost.


Deposits will be transferable to a different appointment date and time when there is a notice of at least 24 hours.  Any appointments cancelled, with less than 24hours notice, will require a new fee or deposit to re-book.  Appointments can be rescheduled once(when 24hours notice has been given).  A second cancellation will result in the loss of your deposit and a new deposit will be required to re-book a service.


Due to scheduling commitments to other clients and the artist's personal schedule, we may need to reschedule any appointment for which you are more than 20 minutes late.  Appointments are automatically canceled if you are 30 minutes late and the deposit will not be refunded.  A new deposit will be required to re-book.


Prices are subject to change at any given time. Clients who booked in advance before a rate change will not be affected by the updated pricing.


Debit and Credit Cards, Zelle, and Cash. 


Please inform me beforehand if you suffer from allergies or are prone to Keloid scarring. If you suffer from allergies, a patch test will need to be performed one week prior to your appointment.

No other guests are allowed at this time. This includes children.

Please bring a valid photo ID.


Please fill out the medical questionnaire prior to your appointment (click link in email after booking your appointment).


Avoid alcohol and caffeine 1 day before your appointment, day of and the day after your appointment for better results.


Stop the use of anti-aging products 1 month prior to your appointment to avoid poor retention.

Before and after pictures of my work will be taken for marketing purposes. I will not use any other identifiable information such as your name.


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