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areola restoration.

This is a Non-Invasive permanent makeup/ 3D tattoo in which in which the areola and nipple are either created or corrected.
This procedure gives the illusion of a realistic areola as well as nipple protrusion.

Who can Benefit from this service?

This procedure is recommended for anyone who may have undergone any breast reconstructive surgery including but not limited to Breast Cancer and Gender Affirming Surgery.  Whether you have had partial loss, total loss or have simply had fading over time, this service is a wonderful option for you. 

Schedule Your Appointment Today

A $150 retainer fee will be charged to book any service.  This fee will be applied towards total service charge.

Jammy is very professional and friendly, I was so happy with the end results of my eyebrows. I honestly love how they look!!! Definitely recommend.

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